Portrait request.


Cookie and Questions

I’ve never done a meme here, but Cha tagged me, so I guess I’ll play along!  PLUS, I see that this is my 80th post.  Yay!

But I needed an artwork to accompany, so meet our cat, Cookie.  He was a badass and knew it.  He left us a little over 2 months ago.  I miss him and doing this drawing helped.

Now, onto the questions:

1) Describe yourself in seven words.

observant, honest, responsible, inspired, a little nuts (3 words, that last one!)

2) What keeps you up at Night?

Nothing.  I sleep like a rock.  Unless there’s a tornado.

3) Who would I like to be?


4) What am I wearing right now?

Jeans+turtleneck+hoodie+corrective lenses

5) What scares me?

I’m ridiculously afraid of heights

6) The best and worst of blogging.

The best: meeting new people with similar interests, but different enough to learn new things.

The worst: … not having enough time.

7) The last website I visited


8) What is the one thing I would change about myself.


9) Slankets yes or no?

I had to look this up.  YES.  I received one for my 17th birthday and have had one ever since.

10) Tell us something about the person who tagged you!

Cha is a highly talented artist who enjoys doing watercolor landscapes and portraits.  She is also very sweet and supportive!

I’m not tagging anyone specific, but if you do this, let me know so I can check it out!